If you are currently a student use your existing schedule.  Make sure to include time spent preparing for class -- that should include: waking up! Coffee?, Breakfast, Shower?, transportation and all the little chores like washing dishes or preparing lunches so many of us do.  Make sure you include study time and TV!

Here is a class schedule for those not currently attending school:

Monday - Friday school from 8:30am to 3pm just block out your calendar to reflect you will be in class.

Here are some special details to include:

You have a 5 page book report due Thursday, you've already read the book.

You have 30 minutes of math homework daily.

You have to read 200 pages of a somewhat boring and difficult literary assignment.  Most of us take 1 to 2 minutes to read a single page.

You have to read Chap 3 of your Biology text and prepare for a test on Friday.

Make sure you include breaks during study time!