GeoSoc's School for Adults

This adult school is free and open to the internet community.  Other GeoSoc schools are restricted to enrolled students.  Their chatroom/forum interaction is carefully monitored (unlike this school). The current selection of classes is listed below. Most of them follow the simple format of: review a lesson, do the homework, check your homework, then take the exam.  The exam is then graded with the grade and the next assignment (given as a hyperlink) emailed to you.  Continue until the entire subject has been successfully completed.   If you are interested in posting/teaching lesson plans or subjects, please submit them as an attachment to email (Word, PowerPoint, HTML, CGI, or Java are appreciated). All lessons submitted will be treated as PUBLIC DOMAIN.  Students and teachers can meet online at the Adult School Forum (under the Education Category -- you must sign in for this support).

 English: How to write a curriculum vitae, writing business letters, etc.  This area needs the help of a tutor/teacher to work through.

Math: Lesson's and tests through intermediate algebra.

Mathboard:  An interactive writing/art program allowing up to 8 people to work together on a project (e.g. algebra review, math homework).  It also has a message center to contact friends etc.

Math for Parents: A nice introductory course for parents who want to help prepare their children for school. 

Social Statistics:  A complete introductory course with reader, homework, and tests available on-line.

Study Skills:  A collection of lesson plans related to Study Skills.


Class Notes:  A selection of class notes and book reviews
El Salvador: A Third World Country in the Periphery of the World Capitalist System; Abstract.  For a video describing life in El Salvador as the US CIA fought Russia in neighboring Nicaragua click here; or for a better quality (over 1 gig) click here - be ready to lower volume! (poor sound and low budget but the story is heartfelt).

Practical Academic Study Skills:  a course book that's been taught to thousands!

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