Anna Teresa Tymieniecka

Royal Van Gorcum, Ltd., Netherlands MCMLXIV

5 March 1976


Section 1 - Historical retrospective of Leibnizlan Research; method

Section 2 - Method

abandoning historical molding, accepting unity of branches

method unacknowledged by L. explicitly yet will be developed and it's beyond strictly essentialist approach. Essential facts coupled implicit laws

accept fundamental as present in Discourse on Metaphysics

conjectural way of thinking will be followed along y+ axis. Essentialist analysis will be followed along x axis

Section 3 - Metaphysical (MP) concept individual in center of multispherical universe

PART 1 - The Constitutive Scheme of the Universe

"Why is there Something rather than Nothing?" =? ? is L's reduction of metaphysics but it is not "self determining," i.e., does not postulate single answer or system

Identified system name "rationalism." But means to take knowledge seriously and hence hold phenomena somehow interrelated.

DFN - Telos : final aim

origin, telos, modes of operation

existence is predicated on the self-asserting mode of being. This becomes individual substance which together with a pre-established harmony make reality. Individual substance factor of centralization and distribution

CHAP. 1 - Basic Constitutive Scheme

Looking for a science of sciences initially attempted to model after algebraic characteristics but mathematical science provides magnitude, figure, situation, and their variations but metaphysics provides existence, duration, action & passion, force of acting, and end of action, or the perception of the agent.

Thus metaphysics (MP) is conceived of as a science of characters, individual substances, as the least divisible entities. The entire scheme is hierarchially arranged with MP points the only real unities.

But enigmatic since grand lines of the universal unity are hidden and MP cannot show its own source.
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