The office


The office is such a well-known place, that each of you has heard a lot about it or
even been inside many times. There are many kinds of offices, such with many rooms or
like in the open plan offices. We present you a typical office room.
When you have finished doing the exercises you can check how well you did in our
Answers to exercises.
If some words or phrases are too tough for you, you can always check the dictionary .


Exercise 1

Choose the words from the box below to the appropriate items in the labels.

office2.gif (15345 bytes)

Exercise 2

Can you name all the items below? Use each of these words once only.

calculator paper clips scales staplesoffice1.gif (5681 bytes)
date stamp pencil sharpener scissors string
guillotine punch stamps tray
note pad ruler stapler wastepaper bin

Answers to exercises