Non-commercial Use License (NUL)

by David J. Manura
October, 3, 2000
Document revision 1.1.0


This document describes the “Non-commercial Use License (NUL)” concerning use and non-commercial distribution of math reference table content. The NUL license is made freely available by Use of tables beyond personal viewing of the web site constitutes acceptance of the terms of the NUL.


Noncommercial Use License (NUL) – The NUL is described in this document. It covers use and non-commercial distribution of reference table content. – is currently under the sole ownership of David J. Manura. publishes the web site, which is the official hosting location of the math reference tables. has the original copyrights to the “ math reference tables.” DMT will soon be publicly renamed The current web site is, but this will soon change to tables – tables are the math reference tables distributed by in the past, present, and future.

Current tables – Current tables are the math reference table content publicly available on the web site at or before the date that this revision of the NUL is last publically available on the web site AND before any later revision of this document available on the web site. This NUL does not grant any rights to content modifications after such a date.


THE PAGES of tables are a form of freeware. You may freely copy, modify, or redistribute all, part, or a modification of tables PROVIDED

  • (1) These pages or any part or modification of these pages may not be sold or commercially distributed or placed in a commercial work that is distributed without explicit written consent from*
  • (2) Any redistribution of all, part, or a modification of these pages must include this license statement and a prominent reference to the original web site (

The pages, graphics, organization, source code, and object code are copyrighted by David J. Manura. The actual intellectual content (such as individual equations or mathematical concepts) is -- of course -- freely available public domain, meaning there are no restrictions. (I can't copyright the quadratic formula.) tables are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. is not responsible for damages of any kind including but not limited to use, modification, distribution, fitness for a particular purpose, or correctness of tables. As this site is undergoing ongoing development, I do not guarentee the correctness of its content. Any derivative work of tables is not necessarily endorsed by

This license currently applies only to math reference tables section of

* Direct any questions or special requests about this or any other revision of this license to David Manura ( I may waiver condition (1) upon explicit written request.