this course is set up as a 48 week complete course covering the California State University standards for Pre-Algebra, Beginning Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra (each 15 weeks with a Final prep).  It can be completed at your own pace (unless you are enrolled). 

PreAlgebra Syllabus Beginning Algebra Syllabus Intermediate Algebra Syllabus
Week 1 Numbers Week 1 Real Numbers Week 1 Rational Expressions
Week 2 Operations Week 2 Solve Linear equations Week 2 Systems of Linear Equations
Week 3  Fractions Week 3 Solve Inequalities Week 3 Inequalities and Graphing
Week 4 More Fractions Week 4 Word Problems, Formulas Week 4 Rational Exponents, Complex
Week 5 Decimals, Percents, and Ratios Week 5 Solve Absolute value Week 5 Develop Quadratic Equations
Week 6 Expressions and Exponents Week 6 Geometry, Graphing functions, Week 6 Conic Sections, Geometry
Week 7 Simplifying Expressions Week 7 Rate of Change, Linear Equations Week 7 Composite Functions
Week 8 Radicals Week 8 Systems of Linear Equations Week 8 Inverse and Exponential Functions
Week 9 Variables and Algebraic Relations Week 9 Exponents and Polynomials Week 9 Logarithmic Functions
Week 10 Graphing Algebraic Relations Week 10 Foil and Special Products Week 10 Properties of Logs
Week 11 Solving Linear Equations Week 11 Factoring Polynomials Week 11 Conversion
Week 12 Solving Linear Equations Week 12 Rational Expressions Week 12 Applications, Word Problems
Week 13 Formulas Week 13 Add and Subtract Rationals Week 13 Sequences and Series
Week 14 Central Tendencies, Probability Week 14 Solving Equations with Rationals Week 14 Arithmetic/Geometric Sequences
Week 15 Solve Word Problems Week 15 Graphing Functions, Variation Week 15 Binomial Theorem, Pascal
Week 16 Prep for Final assessment Week 16 Prep for Final assessment Week 16 Prep for Final assessment