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Note: All of these 20 problems are from the text. Each problem gets
progressively harder; all should be solvable by a 11 - 12th grader. 
It is suggested that any working papers be saved to see just how 
organized or disorganized the solution process was.

    >>> To check your answer, click the problem #  (please …no cheating1.   True or False: 10 cents / 10 cents = 1 cent  ?  
2.   2/3 - 3/8 + 1/12                                                          
3.   6/8 x 15/9                                

4.   1 1/2 / 3 5/6

5.   27b/2c x 12c/9b 
6.  My bedroom is 12 feet wide by 14 feet long. What will it cost        
to carpet it if carpeting costs $18 a square yard ?

7.  A tape player runs at a speed of 7 1/2 inches per second.       
How many hours of play will I get with an 1,800 foot long tape ?
8.  The moon is 240,000 miles from earth. How many days will it     
take a rocket to get there traveling at a speed of 100 miles per minute ? 

9.  The length of a ground shadow of a 24 foot high tree is 15 feet.     
The shadow of a nearby tree is 10 feet. How tall is the 2nd tree ?

10.  The length of a rectangle is twice its height. The total length of all  
sides is 66 inches. What are the length and height dimensions of the rectangle ?

11.  6 times a number plus 3 times a 2nd number is   
equal to 30. The 2nd number is 3 times the first number.
What are the two numbers ? 
     >>>> To check your answer, click the problem #  (please … no cheating)
12.  Two cars start out together in the same direction. The first car travels        
at 67 miles per hour (MPH) while the second car travels at 55 MPH. How far
apart will they be after 45 minutes ?
13.  The cost to print a flyer is 3 cents each for the first 1,000,          
 2 cents each for the next 4,000 and 1 1/2 cents each for the           
 next 6,000. What will it cost to print 3,500 flyers ?
14.  What will the interest charge be on a $1,500 loan for a period   
of 18 months if the simple interest rate is 8% per year ?

15.  An airplane is traveling at 120 miles per hour (MPH) above a       
road when it spots a truck 10 miles directly ahead of it. If the truck is traveling
at 60 MPH, how long will it take for the airplane to reach the truck ?

16.  My brother is twice as old as I am .  10 years from now,        
 he will be 13 years older. How old am I ? 
17.  How much will it cost to operate 12   75-watt lamps for 10 hours if   
electricity costs 9 cents per kilowatt-hour ? 

18.  A man sells a nut mixture consisting of 1/3 pecans and 
2/3 cashews.  Pecans cost 3 times as much as cashews. 
If a pound of the mixture costs him 40 cents, how much did he
pay for a pound of  cashews ? ... for a pound of pecans ?
19.  Joe is 24 years old. Joe is twice as old as Bill was when     
Joe was as old as Bill is. How old is Bill ? 

20.  Two men can build a house in 30 days. If the first man can     
build the house by himself in 45 days, how long would it take    
the second man to build it himself ? 
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