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This course is under beta testing. Contact the author for information.


Course Requirements

1. This "Basic Guide to Social Statistics" is an on-line course containing lecture notes, homework problems, and sample quizzes. An inexpensive calculator is necessary for working many problems. A Direct Algebra Logic calculator with a minimum of five memory areas is highly recommended. These are inexpensive calculators, do not pay more than $20.

2. This is course is meant to supplement registered students. The course lesson plans and homework are supplied with detailed explanations available. It is primarily intended to help students by providing lecture notes and homework in a hypertext format. If you have found this page and are interested in learning statistics, then contact the author. There is no concurrent registration for the web only version at the current time. In the registered version of the course, there will be three tests (100 points each), an SPSS project (100 points), and a comprehensive final (200 points). All makeup tests are given during class on the last day of the semester. The grades will be straight scale (A is 93% or above, A- is 90-92%, B+ is 87-89%, etc.). If there are extenuating circumstances (such as hospitalization, etc.) that may cause long term absence, arrangements can be made. An incomplete can ONLY be given if a majority of the classwork has been completed with a passing grade.

3. All information and announcements covered in the chat room (this is under development) are the student's responsibility. The schedule is an estimate and is subject to change to accommodate student needs.

4. Statistics are not learned by reading, do the homework assigned as soon as possible after the lesson. There is no substitute for practice.

Students who received As in previous semesters and asked to be put onto a tutor list are available. Fees and hours are between the student and tutor. Most of the correspondence will be through email. The tests will be through webforms.

The class (in real space) has been taught in this basic format for fourteen years. Literally thousands of students have successfully completed the coursework. Study, do the homework, participate in class and earn a good grade.

Although the entire text is hyperlinked, moving between lessons and homework will normally be faster if the browser's back and forward buttons are utilized. Homework assignments are answered in detail, please attempt the problems before examining the answers.

If you are interested in contributing, please submit your document as an attachment to the author with any corrections or additions. The easiest way to do this would be to "save as" and then use your favorite editor. Please use formal table construction and equation editors where appropriate.

table of contents this is the place to start.