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Political Party
DemoRepub Other
010075 20
113090 20
2120110 52
3110150 78
4100175 25

1. Compute a one sample T-test to determine if the occupational prestige average scores of the category "other" is different from the rest of this population.

2. Treating this as a random sample of the population, compute confidence intervals of average prestige scores for each party with a 99% confidence level.


Person Gender Distance from School
BF 8
CF 15
DF 18
EM 2
FM 6
GM 12
HM 14
IM 17
JM 20

1. Compute the T-test to answer the question: "Do males and females differ with respect to average miles students live from school in the whole population from which this sample was drawn?"

2. Compute the Confidence Interval of proportions to answer this question for the following data: "What is the margin of error in percentage points of these proportions if we generalize them to the whole population from which this sample was drawn?"

Social Adjustment
Hi MedHiMed MedLoLo
MaritalSingle 1020 7060 40
StatusMarried 10050 5010 10

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