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FamilyAuto typeAlienation # of Workers
AFordLo 3
BChevyHi 1
CChevyLo 0
DFordMed 4
EChevyLo 2
FFordMed 1

1. Make a frequency distribution and compute the mode for auto type.

2. Compute the IQV for auto type.

3. Make a frequency distribution for alienation scores. Compute the median and Leik's Measure for alienation, using the frequency distribution for your computations.

4. Make a frequency polygon for number of workers.

5. Make a frequency distribution for number of workers, making the first class interval "0 - 2" workers. Compute the mean and standard deviation, using your frequency distribution. Interpret your results.

6. Make a bar graph for alienation.

7. Arrange your data in an ungrouped form appropriate for computing a median for alienation, and then compute the median degree of alienation for these families.
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