Writing Persuasive Essays

Writing a good persuasive essay is largely

  • overcoming fear
  • believing in what you write
  • and having the confidence to communicate in writing

Here are some strategies:

Think of the questions posed in the assignment while you are reading and researching.

  • how the author's views fit into the questions
  • what you think of the author's argument
  • your position in the argument

Focus on logical argument and avoid emotion/emotional reactions or recognize those you have so that you may use them wisely.

Start writing!

  • Start as close as possible to your reading/research
  • "Jump in"; don't be afraid to start writing
  • Jot down the succession of your thoughts
  • Do not concerned yourself with grammar or spelling

When your first draft draft is finished:

  • Put it away!
  • Don't think about it

Review your notes and original material after some time has past.
Does your argument still "make sense"? Ask yourself:

  • "Will my argument convince an objective reader?"
  • "Will this paper ask someone to re-consider their position"?

Take up your paper again:

  • Revise and edit the content to strengthen your argument
  • Note where you use emotion to see that it doesn't interfere with the logic
  • Correct for spelling and grammar
  • Ask a friend to read it, and make suggestions for revision
    Ask them if they are convinced
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