PASS Lessons


Learning Module 1: Introduction � How to take this course  Reading (1 hour), Activity (45 minutes), Assignment (45 minutes)
Read the Syllabus, the rubric for grading: assignments, activities, essays, and the major project.
Read: How to read using the SOAR system
Activity: read "Football Player" as a guided lesson meet in our whiteboard
Assignment: How to write a 5 paragraph essay submit your notes via email

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Learning Module 2: Note-taking (2 hours)

Read: Note-taking: Introduction, Written material, and Lectures

Activity: Read "Justice for All" mark-up together in whiteboard with pre-chapter questions

Assignment: view the Dartmouth production and take notes

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Learning Module 3: Time Management (2 hours)
Read: Time Management parts 1 and 2
Activity: develop a calendar from this site using whiteboard with at least one other student.

Assignment: Using your schedule, develop a calendar for the next two weeks.  Submit as attachment via email.

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Learning Module 4: Memorization (2 hours)
Read: Memorization

Activity: Use pegwords to memorize the 30th through 44th U.S. President

Assignment: investigate cognitive functions post your thoughts in the Module 4 discussion arena

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Learning Module 5: How to solve problems (2 hours)
Read: How to solve problems directions, math help

Activity: take the practice EPT, discuss by posting in the Module 5 discussion

Assignment: solve linear math problems on the ELM

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Learning Module 6: How to take tests (2 hours)
Read: Background of testing; How find Solutions, Concepts Procedures and rules. take T/F  
or Multiple Choice

Activity: norm versus objective grading, an examination of the Bell curve

Assignment: practice test skills while investigating diagnostic versus curriculum based tests

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Learning Module 7: Finish Test Taking (1 hour), presentations (2 hours)
Read: How to take Blue-book or Essay tests and deal with Anxiety

Activity: taking margin notes on this article of Study Skills

Assignment: Develop test questions, present in WIMBA, submit archived presentation

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